ANPR InMotion

Control system of paid parking zones



Thanks to the use of innovative sensory fusion algorithms, the system automatically detects parked vehicles, reads their license plates and locates them on the map. Then, as a result of the integration with the toll system, ANPR InMotion determines whether the driver of controlled vehicle has paid for parking. If a fine is required, the system automatically generates the required documentation.

Reading license plates

The system automatically recognizes all European license plates.

Detecting parked vehicles

ANPR InMotion automatically detects every vehicle on the map, in order to specify the zone where the vehicle is parked, as well as confirm compliance with the parking regulations.

Integration with parking meters

Thanks to the easy integration via API, the system can automatically detect drivers of vehicles that have not paid for parking in the paid parking zone.

Offense documentation

Visual documentation of the vehicle, a contextual photo, and a section of the map illustrating the parking place of the vehicle allow to generate full offense documentation.



The system can be used as a mobile sensor generating data on urban roads. Through the medium of the precise location of parked vehicles and artificial intelligence algorithms for reading license plates, ANPR InMotion collects data on the occupancy of parking spaces, models and types of parked vehicles and the parking time of individual cars within the zone.

Algorithms for reading license plates

By means of advanced machine learning algorithms, the system automatically recognizes the registration numbers of parked vehicles at the ANPR InMotion vehicle speed up to 70 kph.

Precise car positioning system within designated parking spaces

Precise lidar enables to locate parked vehicles with an accuracy of up to 30 centimeters, which, in a next step, allows to assign a parked vehicle to a specific parking space.

Specyfing type and model of the vehicle

The system allows to specify the model and the type of the vehicle, which enables to keep detailed statistics, as well as preventive measures in the field of public safety.

Measuring vehicle parking time within the zone

The option to detect over an average long parked vehicles, the system allows to identify suspicious vehicles that should be checked by uniformed services.



System reliability in all conditions

Easy integration with third-party software

Anonymization of pedestrians and vehicles that are not a party to the proceeding

Precise detecting system

Lidar for positioning vehicles

Compatible with every vehicle

Fast LTE

User friendly interface

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Promotion of the ANPR InMotion brand in foreign markets

Project objectives: The project target is to expand exporting operations of InMotion Labs and promote Polish IT services. The project will contribute to the achievement of POIR goals. The main goal is to promote products that have a chance to become recognisable brands in foreign markets.

Planned Effects: The project aims to increase the company’s competitiveness and increase internationalisation. In effect, the project implements InMotion Labs innovations and seeks to find international partners and distributors.
Project assets: 456 600 PLN
European Funds Committed: 388 110 PLN